From the Desk of the Principal

Principle PandaGnana Bharati English Medium school situated in a small town like Ichapuram (AP) is a special holistic institute established in the year 1985. It is affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi since 1998. It’s main aim is the all round development of the children. It has been founded up on the educational principals & ideals of great educationalist like Dr.Sarvapllli Radha Krishnan, Swami Viveka Nanda & Sri A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Our whole effort is to focus on developing each student’s intellctuals, physical, moral & emotional ability to their fullest, in cooperation with the parents within the scope of the school’s recourse. The school is a project of some eminent personalities of this town which is to meet educational needs of students of Ichapuram & nearby village of Andhara Pradesh & Odisha and its periphery from nursery to class-X.

At the outset I would like to highlight the students, teachers and parents contribution which ultimately develops the kids’ brain to a mature fullest personality. With changing times and trends, parents have become productivity oriented. The need of the parent is the output of the result oriented through the productive play or  task unlike the past when task was just to study. Today the parents want to strike the potential of their children to the fullest. To achieve this aim ,the team of teachers ensures their responsibility to make their happy future bright and prosperous. The teacher is not only a hard task master, but friend & guide creating the full development of the child. The teacher plays active role to maintain the discipline which can make the child dynamic ,cooperative, sympathetic & brilliant human being. As dreaded examinations crawl to a halt, simultaneously the students look forward to the much awaited creative out lets. For this, we put all our efforts to modify the child’s growth which can solve the real purpose of human needs and aspiration. Our holistic approach will not be limited not to build up  some intellectual in the society, but also a good physical, social, emotional, moral ethical person in the society moreover, we will definitely succeed in our ‘Ultimate Safari’ to create tough citizen for a bright society.

In a similar way, education is a harmonizing, civilizing and socializing influence. There is a need to understand the past, cherish our traditions and uphold our moral, ethical and spiritual values. Our school creates a new generation of men and women who will strive for excellence not only during  their school career but throughout their lives.

Gnanabharati English Medium School affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi has English at its medium of education. It aims at looking beyond the frontiers of the CBSE curriculum and making learning an effective and self-driven process to nurture the talents of the students. GEMS seeks to stress best of teaching learning environment. The excellent curriculum and syllabi  make the class room teaching more effective. The laboratory, Library, Smart class with class edge projectors and other infrastructural arrangement facilities are our rich features. We follow CCE or continuous and comprehensive Evaluation introduced by C.B.S.E which refers to system of school-based evaluation of students that covers all aspects of their development. It is a development process of assessment which emphasizes on two fold objectives. Their objectives are continuity in evolution and assessment of board based learning and behavior out comes on the others.

My Gratitude-:-I would like to extend my whole hearted thanks to our Secretary and CEO Janab Johar khan & other Trust members  who gave me this opportunity to be the head of this institute for last 16 years or so in my marathon  career of 26 years in this school. I also extend my whole hearted thanks to my students ,colleagues & parents for their whole hearted cooperation   to me to make this institute a glorious one. I always feel flattered to be a member of this institute. I appeal all the well wishers  to extend their whole hearted cooperation for a bright future of this institute.

Finally let us pray the Almighty to help our students to grow into disciplined and decent personalities,, well aware of the social obligation and cognizance towards  home, school, society, nation and world. In fact we satisfy that our past students have achieved the same and our future students with also achieve it.

Jai Hind !