Important Instructions


  1. Date of Birth Certificate issued by Nagar Nigam/Municipal Corporation is required as mandatory document in .jpg or .pdf format.
  2. Please ensure all the supportive document to be going to upload must be in .jpg or .pdf format.
  3. Any misleading information may become the cause for disqualification.
  4. Candidate’s passport size colour photograph must be in .jpg format.

Online Application Form


Attach a recent passport size photograph
Issued by Nagar Nigam/Municipal Corporation
As on 1st January, 2016 (Year and Month)
Telgue, Oriya
e.g. +91-11- 99999999
e.g. +91-999-999-9999
Hot tempered/Sensitive/Mid/ Mischievous/Calm going/others
e.g. Last class attended Grade card, TC, Adhar card etc.